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Even Money

If the player has a black jack, and the dealer's

displayed card is Spade A, the dealer asks the player

who has a black jack for even money. Making a choice about

whether to end the game with the same amount of money as the winning allowance as bets, or

keep the game going while keeping the effect of blackjack

(1.5x). If you select Even Money,
샌즈카지노 you will receive 1x the winning

allowance immediately, regardless of the dealer's blackjack,

and end the player's game,

If you don't choose even money, continue to play the game. After playing the game,

if the dealer is a blackjack, he just draws with Push, and if the dealer

is not a blackjack, he gets a 1.5 times allowance like a normal blackjack.

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<a href='http://mevius82.com' target='_blank'>ㅤ

<a href='http://mevius82.com' target='_blank'>ㅤ


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