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Life always gives you a chance

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Therefore, some say that Black Jack has a 50% winning rate, so it is worth playing

among card games, but the detailed rules are not set by the player in the first place, but

are set by the casino in advance, so it is up to the casino to decide what to do with the

winning rate and recovery rate. As for the situation, on the contrary, you can think of a case where

you only apply all the rules in favor of the dealer and ban all the rules in favor of the player.

Dealers only apply a bunch of rules in favor of dealers, such as hits in soft 17, [10]

 dealer blackjack, player 10 or 11 only, [12] player split once, double down after split,

player A split, no surrender, no A-10 blackjack, [13] 8 deck [14] etc. In particular, some

Las Vegas casinos use the vicious rule (15), which gives only 1.2 times dividends,

not 1.5 times, when blackjack has a low minimum betting amount.

Blackjack has a smaller percentage difference between minimum and maximum

bets than other games, not because the winning rate is

close to 50 percent, but to encourage players to play blackjack many times to

win by betting only a few games and reduce the loss of casinos. In particular,

Blackjack has a wide range of choices during play, such as split and double-down, so if the player's

loss is very good in the first bet and the dealer's loss is unfavorable, you can even use a

double-down on the split to hang many chips at once. Once it hits the jackpot here and the

player wakes up, the casino will be a big loss as a result. This is

because the recovery rate set in favor of casinos converges the longer you enjoy the game.

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